Issue 1: Happy Families (Hard Copy)

  • Issue 1: Happy Families (Hard Copy)

Issue 1: Happy Families Hard Copy

Features nine poems and eight short stories by sixteen brilliant working class writers:

Performance poet Abdullah Adekola.
Hull based visual artist, environmental & disability activist Lauren Saunders.
Yorkshire based queer contemporary artist & poet Rhiannon Kendall.
Freelance writer Taya Franco.
Essex based painter Kelly Wu.
North West based writer and fine artist Susan Plover.
London based student Alice the Sad.
Wes Foster a writer and photographer based in Leeds.
Celia J Dearden-Briggs, conceptual artist and writer.
Jack Rientoul artist and publisher.
First time writer John Docharty.
Colin Rutherford, Glasgow based poet.
Glaswegian writer John Tinney.
Glasgow based writer Melissa Richards.
Utah based writer of Scottish descent, MacNèill Aonghus.