Issue 2: Community (Digital)

  • Issue 2: Community (Digital)

Digital copies are available in .pdf, .mobi or .epub you will be asked at checkout which you require.


'Supposing Him to be the Gardener' by Daniel Fuller
'Freshwater Fairies: Prelude & Epilogue' by Molly Beale
'Glasgow' by George Colkitto
'Trolley Woman' by Richard Larkin
'The Flame on Beeston Hill' by Ed Storey
'Suffolk 'Til I Die' by Maddie Exton
'Berlin Mauer' by Kenn Taylor
'Isolation' by Dave Kavanagh
'Light Years from Home' by John Tinney
'The Weekender' by David Walshe
'Building Blocks' by Anonymous
'The Turn-Around' by Sean McMenemy
'House Across the Street' by Simon Lee-Price

And art by Ally Zlatar